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About Ling & Sons

We have been proudly serving the Aruban community and island visitors since 1965, stocking our shelves with fine products from around the globe in order to meet the growing demands of our diverse clientele.

As the largest American-style supermarket on the Island we provide under-one-roof fresh and organic produce, daily-baked bread and pastry, premium meat as well as gourmet and ethnic products.

Our specialties also include fine wine and liquors, sublime chocolates and our very own fresh juice & coffee corner.

Our store's continued pursuit of quality and competitive pricing has won the trust and loyalty of our local customers, making Ling & Sons the Island's #1 supermarket. Plus, we are committed to our promise of reliable, friendly service.

Our employees are always on hand to answer all questions and to explain the day′s fresh offerings. Our fleet of packers will even carry your groceries to your car upon check-out.

Ling & Sons accepts all major credit and debit cards, Aruban florin, U.S. Dollars, and traveler's checks.

We are conveniently located about 5 minutes from all major hotels.