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Ling and Sons IGA Supercenter Is Going Green

Ling and Sons IGA Supercenter is switching over to a new refrigeration system which uses a green type of gas which is environmentally friendly.

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Produce festival

Ling & Sons has its grand produce festival Saturday October 28th from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. During this festival Ling & Sons showcases its fruit and vegetables. 

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Early Bird Breakfast at Ling and Sons

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New Line of Wellness Water in Store at Ling and Sons

We just received a new line of wellness water in store: karma wellness water: 
about karma.
On a mission to transform water into wellness.
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Marketing Vacancy

Are you creative, spontaneous, ambitious, responsible and a go-getter!

Then you are definitely the person we are looking for to complete our Labeling & Marketing team!

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Winners Ling and Sons Carnaval Campaign

Ling and Sons Carnaval campaign ended on Friday February 17 with the raffle taking place and announcing the lucky winners:

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We are relaunching our VIP program Monday December 19 where customers can shop & collect points with using their VIP card. Customer receive 10 points with every 1 florin spend. With a minimum purchase of 50 awg, customers already have an amount in points that can be used to pay their groceries with at the register.

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Sharisma Tromp Winner of the 30 Day Healthy Challenge

After 30 days of Health activities with 150 participants on board Ling & Sons picked their grand winner: Sharisma Tromp! Sharisma won 1 year Gym with 2BFIT GYM and a weekend getaway to Curacao for 2. 

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Kids Playground 2016 Event

Ling & Sons tin un sorpresa pa tur mucha. E Diasabra aki 30 di juli Ling & Sons ta organisa un evento gratis di 10am pa 5pm na unda tur mucha ta invita. 

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30 Day Healthy Challenge Eat Better, Live Better cu Ling & Sons

Ling and Sons ta anuncia cu ta bai start un campanja nobo “ 30 Day Healthy challenge , Eat Better, Live Better” na unda cu durante henter e luna di augustus e supermercado #1 na Aruba lo dedica e luna na concientiza y motiva comunidad di Aruba pa tuma e prome stap den hiba un bida mas saludabel.

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