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Tefal Promotion

Great news! We have our new Tefal promotion!

Save up for big discounts on razor sharp Tefal knives!

Get your free Tefal savings card and collect a tefal stamp with every 20 florin spend in store.

Your 1st stamp is free and already marked!

8 stamps= full savings card which means the customer can claim their discount one one of the tefal items of choice.

All rules and prices are mentioned on the savingscard. [please view savingscard]



How does this offer work?

  1. All customers receive a savingscard 
  2. Customer receives 1 tefal stamp per 20 awg spend. 
  3. Customers hands the cashier the full savingscard = 8 stamps (stickers)
    Remember the 1st stamp is free and already marked on the card. 
  4. Customers can still bring in their receipt from April 24th to April 30th to claim their tefal stickers/discount. 
  5. Customers can still bring their old full tefal savings card and use to redeem the discount on one
    of the Tefal items we have on promotion. 
  6. Receipt duplicates are not allowed and/or given to customers. 
  7. This promotional is only valid while supplies last.
  8. The savings card cannot be exchanged for money and or other products. 
  9. This promotion does not apply on your purchase of tobacco, phone cards, gift cards.  
  10. Ling & Sons has the right to discontinue and/or change the rules of this promotion at any time. 
  11. Ling & Sons has the right to refuse you the promotional offer is fraud is suspected. 

All customers can participate. The savings card is available in English and Dutch.  
All rules are mentioned on the card.