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Auerhahn! Save up for big discounts!

Get your savings card in store!

Collect a full savings card and claim your big discount on one of the very stylish Auerhahn stainless steel cutlery. 

How does it work? 

  1. With every 20 florin of groceries at Ling & Sons, you will receive one stamp. 
  2. Stick the Auerhahn stamps on the savings card. When you have 8 stamps, your savings card will be full. 
  3. When you redeem your full savingscard + additional charges you will receive a Auerhahn product of your choice. First come, First serve. 
  • The Auerhahn cannot be collected on the purchase of the following products and services: tobacco, medicines, prepaid cards, vouchers, giftcards, lottery tickets and books. 

  • A full savings card can only be redeemed at Ling & Sons. 

  • The cutlery are available while supplies last. You can redeem as many cards as you like. First come , First serve

  • Only original and undamaged full savingscards with original Auerhahn stamps are redeemable. 

  • Ling & Sons serves the right to refuse savingscards that do not meet the conditions or that appear fraudulant. 

  • Individual Auerhahn savingscards with less than 8 stamps are not redeemable. 

  • Full savingscard can not be exchanged for cash or any other compensation. 

  • The recommended retail pricing is based on the Auerhahn's nationwide recommended retail pricing.