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Ling and Sons IGA Supercenter Is Going Green

Ling and Sons IGA Supercenter is switching over to a new refrigeration system which uses a green type of gas which is environmentally friendly. 70% of the store’s cooling system is now using an outdated system which has a negative impact on the environment and also uses allot more electricity to provide the whole store with its chilled coolers and showcases.

In order to complete this task, a few departments will not be fully operational between 6 and 8 november.

The management apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience but find this change a highly necessary one in order to reduce its negative imprint on the environment and encourages other companies to do the same.

The weekend before remodeling November 3 to 5, Ling and Sons will offer a 10% discount on all fresh and perishable products to all customers. This way all customers can do their shopping in advance before the remodeling and get a pretty great deal to go with their purchase.

Rest assured all departments will be 100% operational back on November 9 ready to serve all customers with the best quality and service they are accustomed to from their #1 supermarket in Aruba, Ling and Sons.