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Win the golden key to a brand new Ford Figo

We are happy to announce the launch of Holiday campaign where you can WIN a brand NEW FORD FIGO 2020. The Ford Figo, available via Yrausquin & Sons is a very elegant looking car, spacious and with the best safety features. To Participate to Win you need the Golden key! 

Participate to Win by shopping with us or taking a selfie in store! 

Shop & Win 
Shop and receive a raffle ticket with every 50-florin purchase or with your purchase of any of the participating brands: Heineken, Coors Light, Kim Crawford, Kendall-Jackson, Airwick, Badia, Grand Old Parr, Johnnie Walker, Frico, Frisian Flag, Rainforest Seafoods. 

Example: If your purchase if 50 florin and you purchased 1 case of Heineken as part of your 50 florin or more purchase. You receive 1 ticket for your 50 florin purchase and 1 ticket for the purchase of Heineken. So you receive 2 tickets total. 

Are you a VIP? Vip members receive double tickets with their 50 florin or more purchase.
The more you Shop the bigger your chances are of winning!

Take a selfie & Win 
Take a selfie with the Ford Figo stationed inside our store, share the photo on your Facebook and mention #Lingandsons #Yrausquin #Fordfigo 

Disclaimer: Your Facebook account settings must allow others to see your posts and allow others to see the shares related to your posts in order for your shared selfie to be considered as a finalist. The selfie with the most shares wins the 11th spot as a finalist for the Ford Figo.

Ling & Sons will pick 10 winners via raffle on January 4th 2020 at 12pm. 1 winner will picked via the social media Snap, Share & Win campaign with Yrausquin & Sons. All winners will receive a golden key and will be invited on January 11 2020 to try their luck at opening the brand new Ford FIGO. Only one key will open the car! Who will win? We wish you luck! 

Campaign rules  

  1. This campaign is only valid for residents of Aruba. 
  2. You must be 18yrs or older and have a valid driving license. 
  3. The name on the raffle ticket needs to match your I.D. and is the one participating to open the car. 
  4. If you do not comply with term 1 or 2 than you automatically will be disqualified. 
  5. If you are not able to show up on set date and time to open the car, you will automatically be disqualified. 
  6. Customers receive 1 raffle ticket with every purchase of 50 florin 
  7. Customers receive 1 raffle ticket with every purchase of the participating brands. 
    Heineken, Coors light, Kim Crawford, Kendall-Jackson, Airwick, Badia, Grand Old Parr, Johnnie Walker, Frico, Frisian Flag, Rainforest Seafoods
  8. Vip customers receive double tickets with every purchase. 
  9. If a customer purchase is 50 florin and also includes one of the participating brands, the customer receives raffle tickets for both their 50 florin purchase and for the purchase of the participating brands. 
  10. Campaign ends on January 4th at 12:00pm. Ling & Sons will announce and call the 11 raffle winners on January 4th 2020.  
  11. Eleven (11) raffle winners will be chosen and invited to participate to win the car. Winners will be invited to pick an envelope which will reveal their prize. Finalists will advance to the final round to pick the winning key. Only 1 key will access the car and thus be the winner of the car.
  12. The date for the key competition is January 11th 2020. 
  13. Ling & Sons holds the right to change the regulations or to end the campaign at any moment.
  14. Raffle winners who do not win the car will receive a consolation prize from Ling & Sons.
  15. The car winner will be handed the keys and proof of ownership. Once this is handed Ling & Sons is no longer responsible for the car. 
  16. The new owner must handle anything related to the car with the car dealership. 

Spend 200 florin or more in store and get a chance to Spin the Wheel. This promotion is valid December 2019. 

Sign up or re-register at our customer service desk, Shop using your VIP card and participate to win a shopping cart full of groceries valued at 500 florins! Winner will be announced December 24th 2019. 

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